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How To Pages 
  We have a constantly growing selection of step by step  How-To pages showing everything from the most basic of maintenance to performance enhancements for the Comer C50 motor.  If your a new comer to kid karting you will find these pages invaluable and if you have been racing kid karts for years you just might find something you may have over looked.  All our pages are free for downloading and printing, information is always free at KidKarters.com.

Comer C50 Parts
  We offer a full line of both stock and performance parts for the kid kart racer.  We are an authorized Comer and Top Kart dealer and have some of the best prices on the internet.  Our knowledgeable staff is here six days a week to answer any questions you may have about your Comer C-50 or kid kart.  Most parts are shipped FREE via priority mail and have a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Kid Kart Photo Gallery
  We love to get pictures of kid karters from around the world.  We have a page dedicated to just to kid karts.  It is a great place for friends and family to go and see your kid kart racer in action.  If you want to see your diver posted in our gallery simply email the picture to us and we will include it both in our gallery and into the image rotation on the front page of KidKarters.com.

J1 Speed Series
  KidKarters.com is a proud sponsor and supporter of the 2005 J1-SpeedSeries.    We have all felt for a long time that there should be two kid kart classes, a novice group for the beginners and an advanced group for the more experienced drivers.  This format would address several issues that currently cloud the kid kart class. <MORE>

   We offer a complete line of services for your Comer C50 motor and components.  Our Blue Printed motors are some of the fastest on the track and unlike other builders we do guarantee our Comer C50s to pass tech when it leaves our facility.  We also have a thirty day money back policy, so if you are not happy simply return it.